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Our Donors

Our work is made possible with the generosity of donors. We are truly thankful to all our donors of the past 17 years.

Here, you can view the current Lotus Donors of Emerge.


The newest funding partner of Emerge; the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) is supporting the operations and the expansion of our online programmes. 

As a result of this funding partnership, Emerge is able to expand it's programmes to survivors in state-run care in the Sabaragamuwa Province as of August 2022. Having access to the power-packed online programme means that each programme participant will now be able to build on their sense of self, harness their skills, increase their knowledge and be prepared to thrive in their own way once they reintegrate into society as independent adults.

The programme participants will be engaged in a year-long online workshop series with a curriculum inclusive of Life Skills, Reproductive Health, Value Based Lessons and also Ground Therapy workshops.

CFLI joins Emerge in believing that each survivor we work this has the potential to redefine their life. We are grateful to the CFLI team and community for standing alongside Emerge and our survivors as we heal, empower and emerge.

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