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A Residential Empowerment Program

The Emerge Center provides a trauma-informed residential empowerment program for 20 girls annually, broken down into 10 girls every 6 months. It is a creative, experiential, and healing space that inspires self-discovery, cultivates a growth mindset, and equips participants with tools needed for independence.

Through the 11 years that we have provided educational programming to young women living in shelters, we have witnessed the many challenges they face as they take their first steps outside of the shelter, often without a family or community of support beyond Emerge. During this critical transition, these young women often need additional support while finding their first places to live, learning to travel on their own, and interviewing for their first jobs. The Emerge Center was established to fix this problem.

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Our Programs

Mental and Emotional Health

  • Individual counselling

  • Group counselling

  • Volunteer-led meditation

  • Art therapy

  • Yoga 

  • Expressive writing therapy

6-Month Reintegration Curriculum

  1. Personal and professional development

  2. Technical training

    • Computer training

    • English language learning

    • Finance and management

    • Additional track-specific vocational training through future partnerships

  3. Interpersonal skills

4-Stage Professional or Educational Placement Program

  1. Introduction to future opportunities through training workshops and guest speakers

  2. Exposure field trips

  3. Experiential “trial period” through internships, job shadowing, and/or short-term academic placements

  4. Professional or educational placements upon program completion

Virtual Tour of The Centre

Our space is full of color, love, learning, and lots of individualized support to make transitions from shelters into the community a success...

Our Main Partners

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