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2 Special Alumni Projects

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

During the last 2 years, Emerge received requests for support from numerous alumni, and within these requests were 2 special cases.

SAMD is one of our initial participants from one of the Shelters we worked with. She was always a creative and positive minded young girl, who used her creative talents to busy herself, and even worked successfully for a few years after leaving shelter care. Last year, SAMD had to face a difficult situation. She had been in a sudden domestic gas explosion accident at her residence, suffered from multiple burn injuries due to the accident, and thus was incapable of working or earning as a result of it. SAMD had a beautiful baby boy, who was just 10 months old at the time, and the incident left her helpless as she didn't have a way of supporting him. Emerge turned to our supporters for help, who immediately came forward to support SAMD financially for her medical and daily needs. With the help of a pressure suit, SAMD continues to improve her hand mobility and is recovering slowly. SAMD had to go through a nervous and arduous battle, and we believe that the little improvement she made, has brought a large impact on her.

CHNI was another special case we encountered. CHNI was studying for her LLB exam, and was looking forward to sit for her exams. Unfortunately, her mobile phone was damaged, and she was not able to use it to access her study material or online lectures. Her exams were closing in, and she was in need of a device to be able to follow up on her classes and study for her upcoming exams. Emerge was quick to post her situation on our Social Media pages, and within minutes of the post, a donor reached out to us for help. His generosity had no bounds, when he helped her purchase a 4G device that was better than what we initially requested for, and even was able to purchase enough data to connect to her online classes. This was a huge weight off her shoulders and she was able to continue her studies without any further issues; all thanks to our amazing supporters and donors.

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