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A girl I taught…

By: Sithara Pathirana

Emerge Lanka Foundation Programs Assistant

A girl I taught…

A Tamil girl joined one of the shelters we work with. She was about 13 when she joined. Because of the Language barrier and since she hadn’t a proper education, most girls in the shelter ignored her at first. However, she started making jewelry with us. This was a daunting task at first, since we couldn’t communicate with each other. She gradually picked up how to design bracelets and Necklaces. After two or three months, she could make her own pieces well. Jewelry making helped her to overcome the lethargy and irritability she sometimes felt. She has a good memory and great color combination skills. Her color combinations add a special touch of beauty to the pieces she makes. She possesses a positive mind set and is also very patient now. She is looking forward to go home to her mother. She has become a very pleasant and polite girl in the shelter. Her necklaces are truly beautiful. I feel very happy when I see them. Especially so, because I taught her how to make them!

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