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A Golden Smile


olden Smile By: Udani Emerge Lanka Foundation Peer Educator A cool breeze wrapped around her body and swept away. As if to take something of mine away, Varsha thought. Well, at one time, a lot of her beautiful life was snatched away she thought, by a monster. Memories of a time long ago unraveled in her mind, unbeknownst. The little girl who used to play house in a tiny pair of shorts had grown into a woman now, her name Varsha. (Rain) The only relative she had in the world was her mother. Her father had left them when she was very young. They did not live in a comfortable environment. They did not have the means for that. Varsha helped her mother the best she could, cutting mud bricks to earn a living. She was as beautiful as she was innocent. Her beauty did not go unregistered in many prying and greedy eyes around them. Her mother was always anxious, always careful about Varsha’s safety. Yet, the unexpected happened. A tragedy that would move even the gods above. A monster who could not bear the young woman’s beauty raped her. Crushed, all she could do was to cry like the rain that she was named after. She was only fifteen and pregnant. Her mother was devastated but helpless. They did not have money for law suits. Since she was still a minor, she was taken under the care of the Probation Authority. Her dreams were so far away from reality. She realized she had to face the unexpected and live with it. She was placed in a shelter. There was no love there for her. She felt a rising anger at this society full of injustice. Day after day passed by. One morning a lady teacher visited the home. Varsha thought she was an angel sent from above to save her. Her name was Nirukshi. Varsha’s heart was full again. She called this lady Mama Nirukshi, to show her love. Mama Nirukshi worked in an organisation called Emerge. They taught young girls like Varsha to face life and be strong and independent. They learned to make beautiful bead necklaces. Varsha made many beautiful pieces, each an intricate weaving of color and texture. She was happy once again. Mama Nirukshi loved Varsha as much as all the other girls, which was a lot. The founder of Emerge was a foreign lady named Alia. She was a social worker. Varsha loved Alia Akka (Akka – “Elder Sister”) as much as Mama Nirukshi. She was happy again because of them. In the meantime, Varsha turned eighteen and was given the chance to return home. She gave her child to a shelter for children and returned home, with many hopes and dreams. She wasn’t alone, Emerge was there with her all the way. They had deposited money for her, for the necklaces she made. Varsha learned a lot about life from Emerge. She started her own enterprise. She loves Alia Miss and Mama Nirukshi who helped build her life toward success. She has many things in place of what she had lost. She won, finally through the determination in her heart.

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