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A Happy Puppy Tale

By: Charuni RanchigodaEmerge Lanka Foundation Office Manager

A Happy Puppy Tale Seeing the story of Honey, a Pit Bull rescued from a dog fighting ring brought tears to my eyes today. Fortunately for her and the rest of us humanity, Honey’s was a story with a beautiful and happy ending. Today, she enjoys the happiness and safety she deserves, thanks to an Amazing organization called The Humane Society of the United States. Reading about Honey brought back memories of our own little four legged success story – Chundy (or Chundy Bundy as we call him) Chundy too, had odds stacked against him, until he caught Amanda’s eye. Perhaps it was fate or destiny but I like to think it was a loving chance. Malnourished and weak, he had appeared to be the weakest among his lot. True to the law of the survival of the fittest, he was attacked even by his siblings. However, that fateful Monday changed Chundy’s life forever – for the better. I still remember how timid he was, how unsure at first. Even when he was happy, he would run away at the slightest sudden movement. All this changed with love and affection and proper nutrition. I could see his transformation right in front of my eyes. All he had needed was a chance!This was reaffirmed to me and Iro a few weeks later, when we joined Amanda on a trip to her grandmother’s, to see Chundy.He was such a happy bundle of energy and warmth! Even his coat was glossy and sleek. All the patches of missing hair had grown very well and very fast. He wouldn’t stop licking wherever he could get hold of ours for a long while. We were happy to hear he was sweet, naughty as ever and having the time of his life, as a little puppy should be. These are stories of hope. They reach out to us, to let us know that given half a chance and lots of love, anyone or anything can truly flourish. Whether it is a scared little girl or a weak little puppy or a dog that had survived cruelty, they are all the same. They are a gift to us, to invoke love and hope in our hearts. All they need is love, and a single chance at happiness. All they need is just one person to feel for them. Just one loving heart..

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