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A Letter of Appreciation to our Reintegration Team

Dear Team,

Emerge Lanka Foundation, together with Emerge Global, will miss the strength, passion, and courage that you have brought into our organisation and team and, most importantly, the unbelievable love and devotion you have showered upon every girl you have welcomed into our Emerge family.

Having celebrated the graduation of the 9th Batch of participants at the Emerge Center for Reintegration in March, the Center has now been home to 74 girls. Each of these girls calls you all mother and views you as the family they never had.

You have soothed, loved, laughed, and cried with  each of these girls. You have pushed them to dream big and taught them that they can achieve anything they want.

You have had your hearts broken at each passing graduation, sending these brave young women on their way, yet found strength to open up your hearts again for the next batch, welcoming them to our family with unparalleled warmth and devotion to remind them that they, too, belong. .

Thank you, team, for your sacrifices and putting yourself last. The inspiration that you have brought to us will be missed but kept alive.

As a promise, we will fight and together with all those who love our girls and support our cause we will open our residential program again and cannot wait to welcome you back to our ranks to help our young warriors #emergetogether and #emergestrong.

With love always,

Your Family at Emerge 

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