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A Poem by Iro

Iroshini Kalpage

Program Development Officer

Emerge Lanka

I wrote a poem. Why did I write it? Because I felt the poem itself.

This poem has no name. No need a name for a feeling…

Here it is. (Thanks to Mumtaz for the translation)

I never expected to become a mother

What I never thought I have become

I am fond of my little one

When moving inside me

But I cannot face this society

But I want to see the face of my little one

Mother received all the love in the world from my father

When she was expecting my little brother

Oh but me …… mother and father are both angry with me

I crave for love and affection from someone, like that of my father

I am trapped …… my thoughts, my emotions, everything is imprisoned in my heart

Who is a closer companion than my tears?

What do I do?

Everyone says it is my fault

Did anyone ever tell me these things?

Had I known better, will I be this way?

I believe I am not wrong

Then who is?

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