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A Sri Lankan Tornado

Last night Alia left Sri Lanka for the United States, and while getting my life re-organized again this morning I feel like I’ve been in the path of a tornado, albeit a happy one. The past three weeks have been a whirlwind, moving so fast I can barely keep track of everything that happened. Together the Sri Lanka team brainstormed about topics like the Bead Program curriculum, roles for new Sri Lanka team members in 2009, and potential expansion partners.

We had 13 meetings over the span of two days. We had an event for all the girls in the Emerge Bead Program that was emotional and moving. And we came together as a team.

Over the next couple of weeks, more and more about February will come out – in blog posts, photographs, and email updates. But I wanted to share what I’m experiencing right now: a feeling of loss knowing that it will be awhile before I see one of my best friends again. Generally when I need to process things like this I try to throw myself into work, and the piles of jewelry inventory that I’ve been sorting all morning on our couch are a testament to that. And as life resumes back to “normal,” I wanted to share with you all how fortunate I feel to be doing something I love with people that I love, care for, and respect.

Until next time, Ellen

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