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A story of a blooming flower

When I saw her for the first time she was looking at me with her big eyes. She was very quiet and silent. SHNM was neglected by other girls of the home. The other girls said that she could not understand anything and also she had very short-term memory. But to me every child is very important. I gave my attention to this girl every time I went to the home. I helped her. I talked to her every day. She became a friend of mine. Once we had a dance party (Alia’s arrival, Jenny’s goodbye day) at the home and I taught her to dance and also I danced with her. The next time when I went to the home she came to me and said that after the dance her legs were paining and now it’s ok. At that time I recognized that she remembers things. On 15th of July we had a Leadership Speech competition. Everybody was excited and they were preparing their speeches. SHNM was silently, patiently looking at everybody. She was in the 3rd group. Two speakers gave their speeches. The third speaker was about to come to the front but SHNM waived her hand at me, interrupting her, to ask “shall I come next?” I said, “of course! Come to the front.” She came in front of everybody and started her speech. She explained the importance of making beads. Even when you become a bride one day it will help you to wear your own jewelry that you made. It was a very nice speech, but suddenly the some of the girls laughed and she got so angry. I told her to ignore the girls and talk to me. She did it. Without getting anyone’s help she made her own speech. Without writing anything down she kept everything in her memory. She was excellent. During the competition I was telling the speakers who were shy, “where is your courage? Where is your self confidence?” I wanted everybody to move their hands, gesture, and speak loudly. SHNM was my friend I know she did not wanted to break my heart. She likes me. She made me happy. I am very proud of her. During the prize ceremony, SHNM won 1st place. Her face was shinned like a star. She came to get the present very proudly through everybody’s cheering. It was the happiest day of my life. Even after I went to my apartment I loved to remember her several times… how she came to the front and the speech of her. I recognized that a small attention can change one life.

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