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A Trip to Malaysia…

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

I was excited when Alia and Amanda wanted me to go to Malaysia to purchase beads for the Emerge girls this year. As I had been there last year I was very confident and planned my itinerary very carefully.

Since I had been to KL before I wanted to take this opportunity to visit Singapore as well. I made the necessary arrangements with my church in Singapore since I would be staying with them for a couple of days. I also spoke to several of my friends to find out the best places I should visit while I was there. Everyone advised that it had to be Sentosa so Sentosa it was! As usual when I arrived in KL I payed a visit to Starbucks coffee and had my lunch. I told my hubby that I would buy some of his favorite coffee from Starbucks, and this was the first gift that I bought. I then proceeded to the hotel. After arriving there I met the same friendly staff who served me last year and gave them the gifts I had bought for them.

The next day was bead shopping! I got up early morning to have breakfast at Nando’s. I made sure to have a good solid meal because when you get involved with beads you can’t think of food. You need full concentration when choosing colours, sizes, shapes and prices of course. I met the shop lady who was waiting for me and started choosing the beads required.

We worked from 9 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. and I was successful in buying 30 kg of beads of with the budget I had. I was very happy to achieve this, I knew the girls would love the colours and the new beads I had purchased. It was decided that I would not able to carry all 30kg so I brought back 10kg with me and posted the balance.

The following day I arranged for the beads to be posted to Sri Lanka. The lady who owns the shop was not in KL at that time, but the workers promised it would be done as soon as she arrives. I have a trustworthy relationship with them so there was no need to worry.

On Saturday I packed my bags to leave to Singapore, it took 6 hours by coach to get there, it was a pleasant ride and the coach was comfortable.

I was picked up by my church brother and during the weekend I attended the worship services. On Monday as planned I was excited to visit Sentosa, the church brother dropped me off at the bus stop to go to “Resorts World Sentosa” and I arrived at the waterfront station. The Universal studio was also at this station, unfortunately it was very expensive for me to go inside but I was happy I got to see it and took some photos. My plan was then to visit the underwater world. I took the Monorail for the first time, then went to the beach station and took the blue bus from there. I was quite amazed at the way things worked out. I spent loads of time watching sharks, arapima: the world’s largest freshwater fish, octopus, and even a giant tortoise in this 83 meter long tunnel at the underwater world Oceanarium. I also was lucky to have a Ray of fun, these Ray fish were allowed to be fed and they loved when we touched them. This was so exciting! We were then informed that we could meet the pink dolphins and fur seals later on in the day. I had lunch at the cafe in that same area and awaited the performance, it was incredible to see the adorable fur seals as they performed alongside the pink dolphins. They gamely shook hands and posed for photographs afterwards. I had already taken photos at the onset of Sentosa so I didn’t want to take anymore, maybe if I had known earlier I would have done this as it was a wonderful memory.

The next few hours were even better, I decided to take a ride in the sky, it was truly an amazing ride! I thought myself quite brave to do this alone, though I missed my family very much. I was texting them and informed them that I missed them a lot. Thank God for mobile phones! My loved ones were near to my heart. I even went on the cable car overlooking the sea where I was 1800 km above sea level, it was an experience never to be forgotten.

The last activity of the day was the Songs of the sea, it’s hard to explain this event, it was on the water but all the lights and pictures were done with lazer beams in the sky. The show had a story and was performed by people on land, it was about a princess who was sad and the guy on the shore had to sing to her for her spell to be broken. At this event I met a wonderful lady who took me out for dinner and even dropped me off near my church, which was great because I was clueless how to get out of Sentosa at that time of night.

It’s amazing that Emerge gave me a chance to actively participate in the jewelry buying process, which I enjoy as I see the beads transform into something amazing at the shelters. Furthermore Emerge also allows me to enjoy culture, history and experience something far more valuable than an average 9 to 5 job.

Singapore and Malaysia truly enriched my life. I feel truly blessed by the opportunities Emerge gives me to learn something new, to grow to be both an inspired employee, a role model to the girls but most of all an inspired and enriched human beings as well.

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