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A Year in Review: 9 Images from 2009

We know the following images are a little small, so feel free to download your very own pdf of our Year in Review document here:

“We’d like to dedicate this year’s work to the first class of 18 girls we worked with, more than four years ago. Without them, Emerge would never have existed. Their input, participation, growth and struggles have informed us and inspired us to make Emerge what it is and what we hope it one day will be–a grassroots organization that supports young women around the world. In 2009, we…”

“Built our foundation: Emerge Global became a non-profit in the US and Emerge Lanka Foundation was registered as a charitable organization in Sri Lanka”“Developed our curriculum: We finished the first draft of our Bead Program booklet, with particular emphasis on business planning. We also launched our life skills series.”

“Expanded our Program: In addition to working at Ma”Sevana, with the help of a past participant, we now also work at a center run by the Sri Lankan government.” “Increased our sales: We sold #34,500 of jewelry, started our Emerge Agent program, and bolstered our online store (nearly tripling our fourth quarter online sales).”

“Created a community of university supporters: In the United States, we launched our first five student chapters.”

“Partnered with a US designer: We worked with Gorjana to create a lotus charm necklace that symbolizes the strength of our participants and benefits Emerge Global.”

“Developed our brand: Every necklace now has a signature lotus bead. We also redesigned our tags and introduced color seasons into our jewelry line.”

“Participated in four weddings: Former participants’ work was commissioned in several of our supporters’ special days.”

“…and, most important of all, we celebrated the beauty, strength, and goals of 98 amazing girls.” “Photos courtesy of Clare Bayley, Gorjana, Aaron Schmidt and the Emerge Team”

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