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Alia miss is back

Alia miss known to be one of the girl’s favourites is as you all know is the founder of Emerge Global. When she visits Sri Lanka we keep her arrival a top secret as we want to surprise the girls. But this time we informed the girls she was coming, so they waited in excited anticipation.

On Monday the 13th it was the usual beading class day and when we arrived the girls wore the special dresses made themselves for her arrival, they had also put up a welcome sign at the entrance of the orphanage.

They were so excited to see her after many months, the new girls who had joined the programme recently introduced themselves, she also told them she missed them and is now very happy to see them after so long. There were so many of the senior participants who had left the programme and Alia was sad to have missed saying goodbye to them.

The girls had lots of things to catch up with Alia miss while the workshop was going on; we collected the last lot of products which the girls had made and handed over the Fall/Winter beads and supplies for the girls to make jewelry for the next beading class. After lunch we left the orphanage as Alia was tired as she had arrived at 4 in the morning that day, as much it made Alias’s day, it was the girls who were the happiest to have Alia back with them again.

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