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An amazing Journey Ends.

Jenny joined Emerge last year in August as Program Development Director and is was one of the best things that could happen to Emerge Lanka Foundation. She came in and took over the Program; she has done an awesome job in introducing a systematic curriculum to the girls.

Jen and I worked together in getting the curriculum translated to Sinhala so it was accessible to the girls. The design -your- own -business section, which is the last stage of the curriculum, proved to be a favorite module for the girls. Together we designed a diploma for the girls to certify the completion of each section of the curriculum. This certificate has really motivated the girls to reach the next level.

Jenny also spearheaded the implementation of life skills lessons, where we bought in speakers who covered areas of money and banking, domestic violence, first aid and healthy eating. We hope to bring in speakers in the next few weeks from a variety of careers so that we can equip the girls with the knowledge needed to go out in to the world and secure a job.

Jen and I have been a dream team working together during the past year; we have conquered many obstacles together and brought to life ideas. I’m going to miss being so in sync with Jenny when she leaves us next month to further her studies, all I can do now is wish her the best in all her future endeavours and assure her that there will always be a place in our hearts for her.

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