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Announcing a New Fundraising Partner!

Givology is an online donation platform that posts education-related philanthropy projects and accepts donations for those projects on behalf of the respective non-profit organization. It enables donors to make small donations and feel the resulting impact–Givology periodically posts progress updates so that donors can stay connected to the project they helped become a reality.

Emerge Global has partnered with Givology and posted its first project:to enable a past participant to serve as Peer Educator for current Bead Program participants. The Peer Educator will help teach two of our educational programs—Beads-to-Business and Life Skills in Sri Lankan shelters. Not only is a Peer Educator an excellent teacher and well-respected by Emerge participants and staff, but she is also a model for how Emerge hopes to employ past participants as we expand as an organization. Go check out Emerge’s profile and this project profile now!

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