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Announcing a Partnership with Miss Sri Lanka

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Stephanie Siriwardhana, Miss Sri Lanka! Be sure to check-out the recent Sunday Times article in Sri Lanka which featured our new collaboration. Over the next few months, Stephanie will serve as a spokesperson for our work in Sri Lanka, helping to raise awareness about our work and cause as well as helping Emerge to raise local funds through The Stephanie Siriwardhana Foundation.

“Being a woman, the cause Emerge Global stands for is obviously very close to my heart. Many of us have been blessed to never endure the hardship and trauma that many girls in Sri Lanka, and throughout the world, sometimes silently, have to go through. There are too many innocent young girls here who have their dreams and hopes for the future ripped away from them due to sexual abuse and the stigma that comes with it. Unfortunately there are also many other odds against these girls and so I think what Emerge does is magical and inspirational. It gives these young girls a second chance, not only to dream, but, to make their dreams a reality through concrete means of empowerment, self-sufficiency, education and support,” she tells us. We are so excited about our new Celebrity Spokesperson, Stephanie Siriwardhana!

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