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April and Ellen, the Sri Lankan Dream Team

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

April arrived in Sri Lanka a little over two weeks ago, and I can’t begin to describe how much I’ve appreciated, enjoyed, and valued her input thus far. Together, we’ve been able to run ideas by one another and make decisions about the way that Emerge should operate in the homes we serve. One of the things that was difficult for me to acclimate to w

as working in Sri Lanka alone. Trying to decide what’s best for Emerge and then implement can be overwhelming when you don’t have someone working right next to you to bounce ideas off of. In the past three weeks, April and I have together worked to improve our inventory system, brainstorm our next steps for the Bead Program curriculum, and meet with potential partners and resources in Sri Lanka. I’ll let her fill you in on more of the specifics, but I just wanted to post a shout out, and let everyone who is following Emerge know how incredibly excited I am to spend the next year working together with April.

Best, Ellen

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