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Ashley: An Intern’s View

The next 3 posts are by Emerge interns, on their time spent at Emerge Lanka.

Charlotta and I exploring the jewelry department at Odel.

Emerge Global exemplifies social entrepreneurship. My time in Colombo was focused on business development within the Sri Lankan market. This included traveling around the city by tuk visiting hotels, boutiques, and gift stores to pitch Emerge jewelry and gain an understanding of the current jewelry market in Colombo. Although my role as the Business Development Intern is focused on the monetary portion of the organization, visiting an Emerge class held at the Salvation Army brought to life the true purpose behind the organization; empowering the girls Emerge works with. Emerge Global truly represent social entrepreneurship, “It combines the passion of a social mission with business-like discipline, and innovation” (Dees). I am excited to be working with such beautiful people.

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