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Beautiful Question

By: Iroshini Kalpage Program Development Officer Emerge Lanka Foundation

Last Friday evening in the bead class, I was helping a girl to get ideas to write her one journal topic. She is 13 years old. The topic was, “Write about a time when you felt appreciative of what you have.” First, she was thinking and telling me, I had time when I got wet by the rain. I think rain is mine. I like it. Then she asked me how the rain drops come to us. So, I explained her how it happens by drawing.

Then she said, I have the sunrise, too. I love it. Again, I have to explain her about the solar system, planets, the Milky Way, and how the day starts and finishes. She was so happy to hear those answers and got more energy to ask more questions; I was also inside her world, and answering everything. The questions I really loved, was when she asked, “Iro Akke, where are the other countries? Are they in the sky?” I ask, “Why do you think they are in the sky? She said, “Cause we have to go to another country by plane.” “Oh!,” I said, as I understood.

I made it clear to her about everything, in the simplest way she could understand. When we were discussing the problems we were laughing, writing down, drawing, etc. It was a big project! I love to answer their questions! Actually, when I was small, I also use to think “Where are the other countries”? Also, at that time, I was small and one of the famous singers had died. (H.R. Jothipala). I saw his funeral on TV; however, after his death, his was voice always on the radio. I asked my mother how this happened; she explained it to me, but I didn’t trust her. Then, my father got a radio cassette and recorded my voice and he asked me to listen to that. He explained it to me very well. I was thinking at that time that I didn’t trust my mother’s word. Now, I understand that it was something difficult to explain to kids.

But, I am happy that these girls trust our words. They have no doubts. When I think of that, I feel that is the biggest achievement I have got in my life! It is difficult. The girl I had the discussion with is normally very stubborn. But, when I talk with her, she says she loves butterflies, the rain, and the sun. When she got wet by the rain, she was scolded by the matron. She is so sweet. She is like a bird, very free. I went to her world. It was nice. I would love to go it to again.

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