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Building Life Skills: Red Cross Joins Emerge Global to Teach Infant and Child CPR and First Aid

Three years ago, we witnessed a tragedy that could have, and should have been avoided. One of our program participant’s five-month-old baby passed away after choking in his sleep. Through the Emerge Bead Program, we want to make sure this never happens again. This December, as a result of the initiative of our wonderful Programs Director, Jennifer, we collaborated with the Red Cross to host a workshop on infant and child First Aid and CPR for the Ma-Sevana girls and their matrons. We wish it had happened sooner but are excited to say it was quite the success. We plan to do similar workshops for future program participants.

One of our priorities for 2010 is to develop a consistent life skills curriculum to be interwoven into the Bead Program. Right now, we hope to divide our life skills curriculum into five monthly themes:

(1) Goals and Planning for Your Future (2) Your Body, Your Life, and Your Health (3) Managing Your Money (4) Job Opportunities, Coaching, and Planning (5) Community Development

The life skills units will each consist of at least one event with an outside speaker, workshops and trainings hosted by our dedicated Bead Program Coordinator, Nirukshi, and activities that the girls will engage in with their mentors once our Mentorship Program is launched. If you have experience in any of these areas or would like to help contribute curriculum, we’d love to hear from you! Please email Jennifer, our Programs Director, at

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