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Celebrating the Girls of Emerge through Holiday Sales

Balimkiz Senman, Alia Whitney-Johnson, Danielle Whited, and Lyndz Steeves sell Emerge jewelry in MIT’s Lobby 10

This December, we have already generated more than $7700 in sales, all of which directly benefits the girls of Emerge by generating savings and helping sustain our program!

How do we celebrate the holidays Emerge Style? With piles of colorful jewelry, bundles of handmade drawstring bags, countless volunteers, laughter and stories, and poster-making sessions that allow customers to send the girls of Emerge personal messages!

Lauren O’Toole and Thilani Bogoda share the Emerge story with passerbys

This December, we sold jewelry in Boston, West Lafayette, and online. We will be hosting another jewelry sale in Asheville, NC this upcoming Wednesday as well.

Since our sales, I have received many messages about our jewelry. Here are a few…

A tiny problem – I like the pieces I bought so much that I’m keeping all for myself … so I’m still short on Christmas presents …

I bought five “Emerge Global” necklaces for relatives …. My sister opened hers the minute she got it. This hard-to-buy-for woman was delighted. My only regret is that I didn’t get one for myself. Thank you for founding such a wonderful program and, incidentally, from making Christmas a lot easier this year.

My daughter loves your jewelry & especially loves hearing the story about who makes it! I cannot think of a more thoughtful gift. I just recently read about this project and thought it was such a great project…helping people help themselves. I am so glad now to be a part of it.

We also filmed our sales, as well as customers, advocates, and volunteers holding up handmade signs with messages for the girls. In January, we will assemble this footage into a short film that will show the girls how their work is marketed and appreciated in the US. A huge thanks to all of you who participated in the making of this short film!

Want to purchase your own Emerge jewelry? Check out our online store at:

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