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Chapter 1

I was thinking how my life went with all these troubles. How life gave a miserable experience to me. Sometimes it had freedom, but freedom is not everything. It ruined my life too. Anyway now I know that I am a creative person. It makes me happy. I remember the first time I had not chosen to the bead class. I prayed a lot. The next week I got the chance. Making jewelries is a simple thing to me now. At the same time my bank account will fill with money for the jewelry I make. It feels me like I am ready to face my future. Otherwise I was feeling so empty by myself. Now I have a hope. hmmmm…. How wonderful life is!

“Chandima, are you day dreaming?” Sharmila breaks the silent.

“ no.. I was thinking about the Bead classes” .

“yes when I thinking of Bead class it makes me happy too… I also didn’t knew that I have some creativeness hidden in myself, before that I was thinking that I am a dumb idiot!”

“me too, I felt the same “dumb idiots” we both laughed.

The bell rang and all the girls ran to the lunch room, with Sharmila I stepped to the lunch room. I have put some leaves to my plate. It remembers me how I sell leaves at village “Pola”. Wake up at 4am in the early morning, running down to the garden bundle it and running to the Pola. Some days raining most days’ shiny sun burned me without any mercy. Hard days. I did everything which, I really don’t like to do. My mother didn’t had a job. My step father sold iron items which he collected from door to door. People give iron items which they don’t want because some times it needs to keep space too. Actually it was not enough for our family. He always spent half of that money to drink alcohol. I was the elder child and I had to take care of everything. My mother always screamed to me. I always tried to make her happy, but unfortunately I couldn’t. I always took care of my younger brother and sister. They were innocent. I don’t know who my father is. I know that brother and sister from my step father. I hate my step father. He treated to me like his servant. “Dumb idiot” he is the real dumb idiot! I whisper to myself.

to be continued….

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