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Chasing her Dreams : JANI’s* impact story

JANI* first met Emerge when she joined our Centre for Reintegration in 2018 as a part of the 6th Batch. While working on her own personal struggles, she absorbed the lessons of her time at the Centre and started believing in her own dream of working as a pastry chef.

After graduating from the Centre and with a little help from Emerge, JANI was able to work and learn at prominent and well loved Food and Beverage based companies in Colombo. She would regularly check in with Emerge and we were cheering her on - it was no doubt her heart beats to the rhythm of mixing bowls and oven timers. When the time came for a new chapter,she approached Emerge for some guidance.

This April, we made a plan to go forward in her career, and looked for safe, inspiring and fair employment as always. An Emerge representative, Anuradha accompanied JANI on their first stop to a well known Supermarket chain, based in Colombo. JANI was extremely determined to convey the depth of her knowledge and experience. Though there was no immediate vacancy in this Supermarkets bakery, JANI’s skills, experience and versatility shone through and the interviewers were incredibly impressed. Because of her experience and ability to convey her thoughts, she was able to bypass the first tier of employment into the second tier of employment in the hot kitchen of that supermarket. 

Emerge rep, Anuradha tells us about the moment she saw JANI impress the interviewers. She told us that JANI answers complex questions with patience and thoughtfulness - her knowledge and positive attitude were undeniable. 

JANI was also offered safe accommodation and meals as a part of this job. She is now settling into her new role, and enjoying every minute of it. JANI wants to learn and perfect the skills to become a barista and also hopes to widen her English language proficiency. She is excited for her future and we are incredibly proud of her thirst for making her dreams come true.

We are so thankful to our Emerge community, for supporting our team to ensure that our Programme Alumni will always have safe opportunities when they seek them.

We are also grateful to responsible, fair and open-minded employers like those from this story - you ensure that our alumni and other survivors have a fair shot to reach their dreams.

*Emerge does not disclose the name, identifying photos or personal information, or the identifying details of any participant’s story.  Protecting the anonymity, dignity and choice of each Emerge participant and alumni is key in the impact we share.  It allows each survivor to have the choice of moving past being identified by their trauma. Assigned with a code name for each participant, the details of the story will be true and based on progress notes, insights and check-ins facilitated by the team and their expertise.

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