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“Daddy:” A Play About Incest

Uadaya Sivakiumar

Financial Officer

Emerge Lanka

Last year, a Shakti event was held at Barefoot. During the event, there was a drama preformed by Grassrooted organization; the was called “Daddy.”

Until this drama, Barefoot was filled with lots of various noises and people were just hanging around and talking to each other or gathered in groups, continuing their chatting and laughing. As soon as the drama was announced, the entire crowd at Barefoot turned silent and started to pay attention to the drama.

This drama, “Daddy,” is about incest; a father abusing his daughter. The act was performed by six performers. The entire drama was based on three victims and three perpetrators talking about their experiences, perceptions, and beliefs in all three languages. As the performers were excellent, the things that they shared with us made a big effect on many people in the audience.

Soon after the drama, I was speechless. The whole act affected me more and more and made me think what our girls may have gone through at their young ages.

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