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Emerge Alumnae Weddings!

I was so privileged to be recently invited to two of our alumnae’s weddings, Latha was one of the first girls i had the opportunity to work with in the beading programme. I saw her grow into womanhood and was so happy to see her getting married. It was an arranged marriage and the eligible bachelor had wanted to marry a girl from a shelter. The bride looked very beautiful however she hadn’t any relatives from her side who were present at the wedding, the void was filled by the staff of the shelter and her dear friends. The grooms parents and his family and friends welcomed her with a lot of love to their family which was very touching.

All the necessary formalities were performed according to the Sri Lankan tradition and to end the day’s preceedings a wonderful and tasty meal was served for everyone present and Latha left the shelter to live with her husband.

Pumi who was also in our programme had found her own partner, Pumi is very creative and excelled in Art, she designed the tote bag that Emerge gives when you purchase any of Emerge’s products.

She looked radiant on her wedding as well. Pumi does not have any relatives, however it was so wonderful to see how her in law’s accepted Pumi to their family as their very own.

It was one of those happy moments in my life that I could be a part of these two girls special day, I wish them both beautiful and happy memories for their future, May God Bless them in their journey to be wonderful wives and blessed mums to their kids.

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