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Emerge Featured in Edwards Angell Palmer and Dodge’s Spring Soiree

Emerge Global with part of our dedicated legal team

From right to left: Alia Whitney-Johnson, Katie Galbraith, Akiyo Fujii, Betsy Munnell, and April Wachtel It’s not every day that a non-profit of our size secures a dedicated team of probono lawyers to help navigate the legal landscape surrounding international non-profits. And, it’s certainly not every day that a group of powerhouse attorneys organizes a women’s networking event! A little over a year ago, Emerge Global was extremely fortunate to develop a relationship with Edwards Angell Palmer and Dodge. This May, the Women’s Initiative of EAPD hosted a Spring Soiree for a dynamic group of women in the Boston area. We were lucky to be one of their featured 5 probono clients. Other featured probono clients included: Raising the Blues, Ltd., Adopt-A-Pig, America SCORES New England, and Transcultural Exchange.

More than 100 women gathered to mingle, indulge in wonderful appetizers, and learn about the work of the five featured non-profits. I’m proud to say that the girl’s jewelry was definitely a huge hit. We sold more than $1000 in just over two hours. And, these women proved that Emerge jewelry can look great dressed up or down. They found pieces for their suits, dresses, and casuals. It was great to have April back from Sri Lanka to tell our story, share her experiences, and help with the non-stop buzz around our booth. So, what could a huge law firm like Edwards Angell Palmer and Dodge do for a small organization like Emerge Global, you might ask. Well, they have helped us with everything from filing our 1023 so that we could become our own non-profit (woohoo! Thank you EAPD!), to helping us set up a sister entity in Sri Lanka, to trademarking our logo, to developing volunteer waivers and non-disclosure agreements. (And yes, that’s just part of all they have done). It’s been a long year of paperwork but, thanks to EAPD, we are building the infrastructure to have long-term global impact. A huge thank you to all the members on our legal team- David Mason, Akiyo Fujii, Katie Galbraith, Patrick Concannon, Mary De la Rosa, Betsy Munnell, and the rest of the EAPD crew- for helping us to get to where we are today!

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