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Emerge Global/Shecky’s Event A Huge Success!

Last week’s Emerge Global sale at Shecky’s Boston Girls Night Out was madness from start to finish. The three-day sale, from Tuesday through Thursday, allowed us to meet hundreds of women in the Boston area, both spreading the word about Emerge Global and selling jewelry in the process. By Thursday evening we had sold almost $2000 in jewelry, a phenomenal showing for our first Shecky’s event.

And Shecky’s has been the gift that keeps on giving. With another Boston Girls Night Out scheduled for Spring 2010 to which Emerge has been invited to participate, you can expect to see Emerge jewelry at Shecky’s events in the future! In addition, Shecky’s featured Emerge Global in their blog today under the title Buy Local, Help Global and we’ve already seen a big jump in our online jewelry sales from the publicity.

The Emerge Global – Shecky’s collaboration is an exciting development for Emerge in the USA. I want to thank all of the Emerge Global volunteers who helped to make the sale not only possible but incredibly successful. In particular, dedicated Emerge volunteer Mika Kissenkoetter (pictured above) was our Shecky’s rock, running the sale every single day! Thank you Mika, and all of our Emerge volunteers! And to all the women in Boston, watch out for Emerge Global this Spring!

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