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Emerge Goes to San Francisco!

Just over a week ago, Raff and I hit the streets of San Francisco for some community building and fundraising. In addition to discovering a city that now ranks up among my favorites (so much so that I’m fantasizing about one day having our Emerge Global headquarters there… in addition to more practical reasons, of course), we enjoyed two evenings of warmth and generosity with members of the San Francisco Bay community.

We’d especially like to thank the following individuals and organizations who made our events not only possible but memorable: Martin Lawrence Galleries (San Francisco), The Peabody Fine Arts Gallery (Menlo Park), Vivek Shah, Chari Perera, Cassie Green, Tabetha Hinman, Alissa Johnson, Shantal De Silva, Irene Fan, Eva Enns, and Rachel Shearer. We’re excited to share with you a taste of the events through some beautiful photos captured by Cassie Green…

For those of you in the Bay area who were unable to come, we hope you’ll be able to join us next time! More photos will be posted on our Facebook Fan Page soon…

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