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Emerge Lanka Team Retreat 2013

By: Sithara

Emerge Lanka

On a beautiful sunny morning, we the Emerge team headed down south on our annual retreat.

I felt a great strength and happiness was overflowing within me to know that through my rough times the Emerge team has been there for me. It also made me very proud that my baby girl was born on the 4th anniversary of Emerge Lanka Foundation.

We had a great time during the two days we spent at this resort, after a meeting and going through the road map for the year 2012, we were so happy that we had achieved so much during the past year!  We also looked at goals for year 2013.

We also had a meaningful SKPE chat with Alia Miss, Ellen Miss, and Bryanne Miss; I was so glad that Alia Miss saw my baby.

I treasure the Emerge team very much! I felt loved by them more than my family, the affection extended to me like a mother is from Nirukshi Miss. I value her advice immensely and the love of a friend extended to me by the others in the team is very much appreciated.

Because of Emerge, I am empowered and I wish the team many years of success to empower more teenagers like me.

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