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Emerge Wedding Jewels

I wish you could have seen her face when she was given the assignment. SR,* one of our past program participants, first let out a big grin and then

furrowed her brow seriously (though not too seriously) and began to get down to business: “how long should the necklaces be? What is she wearing with the necklace? When does she need the necklace?” SR, having left our program about 9 months ago, was about to help us complete several commissioned orders for two weddings in the United States.I gave her photos of the women who would be wearing the jewelry, as well as images of their outfits and the main colors in the weddings. She got excited. The project was real. These necklaces were going to real people and were going to be a centerpiece of a very important moment in others lives.SR was methodical in her approach. First she did the bridesmaids’ jewelry, then the bride’s. Then she moved on to the next order. By the end, she had several beautifully crafted, high-quality pieces of jewelry, all of which were a hit back in the United States.Close-up of several of the bridesmaid necklaces designed by SR

Bride’s necklace by SR Most importantly, the project was a success for SR. It allowed her to be creative and to earn some extra money to support her son. It helped her think about the importance of designing for a target market. It also reconnected her to our work and made her want to get more involved. Today, she is working through the business portion of our curriculum, coming up with her own business venture ideas while providing feedback at the same time. Next, she wants to use her knowledge to help other girls going through the Bead Program.Girls like SR show us that the bonds created in our program last far beyond her presence in our beading workshops. It is those bonds that allow us to support girls like SR in making wise choices as they transition back into society. And, it is those bonds that will allow girls in our program and from our program to forge new realities for girls ahead of them.So,

let us know if you ever need something unique made… I know a very special group of girls who might just be able to help.*I have used SR’s initials to protect her confidentiality

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