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Emergency support for Alumni

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Emerge has been working closely with our alumni who needed support, as the pandemic has claimed jobs of many of the survivors. Emerge has worked to ensure that all alumni have safe places to stay and provisions to tide them over. These alumni have disposed of their savings trying to navigate the economic crisis in the country, however, a majority of those who received emergency relief have found alternative employment on their own volition and are independent.

Last year, we were able to support 15 Emerge alumni with dry ration packs during the initial outbreak of the pandemic. Additionally, costs for accommodation, medical needs, sanitary needs, and Counselling were also provided. Mental health support was a main point of support, because the loss of jobs and the uncertainty of the pandemic stressed many alumni, who required the support to get back on their feet.

This year, 5 of our alumni tested positive for COVID-19. This unfortunate event meant that their daily wages were cut down as they could not go to work. Emerge was able to support them through this period with food and beverage costs, accommodation costs, and counselling support and guidance. The young ladies have recovered well, and started work once again. Some of them were able to find new places of employment as well; a large leap of success, as they grow more and more independent.

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