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First Impressions

An impression is usually affected by an expectation is one’s mind. On my first trip to Salvation Army I had no desire for expectations. I wanted to experience, to grasp in some tangible way the courageous stories that I had read about. The first woman that greeted me at the door immediately took my hand. I remember this because she didn’t take it lightly, she squeezed hard. I wanted her to know that I didn’t take her lightly, and I squeezed back harder. When I entered the room where the Emerge program took place, many women stood before me. Their smiles were beaming, but their eyes told a different story. The longing for affection, for acceptance, for normalcy was piercing. Any woman can relate to these feelings. Some of us know them better than others. To be humiliated, to be taken advantage of, to feel alone and empty. To believe that you are worthless. There is no greater low. But from grave lows come appreciation, and a longer more meaningful journey to greatness. This is the journey that we choose to be a part of. I believe in transformation, however slow, and complete healing. You don’t forget the small things that keep you going. Emerge into the beautiful woman you were destined to be. Emerge.

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