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Getting to know RDSH

I met Shenara when she came into the shelter in August this year, she was so quiet that she would not talk to anyone; I tried talking to her the first day I met her and failed. The other girls informed me that Shenara was missing her friend from the previous shelter she was at and had tried to run away twice the night before.

I knew I had to do something to encourage her not run away, so I promised to contact the shelter she came from and give her friend a message. I also told her that the next time I came I would personally teach her how to make a beautiful bracelet with beads. She didn’t talk but she seemed happy!!

The next Monday we visited the shelter and had our beading workshop. I made it a point to get Shenara to sit next to me and I had one of the senior participants help her fill out a voucher, go to the store and buy her beads, and guide her as she made her first bracelet. Shenara was a slow learner and every time she put in a new set of beads to make her bracelet she showed it to me and asked if it was o.k. I was quite amazed with how she spoke to me, as she was a girl of few words. Her bracelet was beautiful and she smiled at her achievement. I was amazed at her success.

Shenara continues to surprise me every time I visit the shelter. She talks more each time, she even takes part in the games that are played during the life skills workshops held every week. It pleases me to see her improving week after week.

Shenara has never attempted to run away after our first day together and when we leave the workshop she is the last to say goodbye to Iro and me. She waits at the door and bids us goodbye until she cannot see us anymore………. That is a very special moment in my day!!!!!

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