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Happy Burpday Jen Jen

Jennifer Van Winkle is our new Programme Development Director for Emerge Lanka, it was her birthday last week and along with the usual cake Jen had a better plan, she wanted to teach the girls how to make Macaroni and Cheese American style.

We had also planned a fun day for the girls and they showcased their talents with drawings and painting, some of them drew new patterns for our future jewelry designs and others landscapes and flowers.

We were surprised how innovative these patterns were and we hope to incorporate them into our next collection.

During their tea brake Jen and Rachael taught the girls how to make Macaroni and cheese and they were excited to watch. At lunchtime we shared it among everyone and the toddlers enjoyed their first Mac and Cheese.

After lunch the happy birthday song was sung and the girls presented Jen with a beautiful card which they created themselves. Jen and Prabhani love to spend time with the pre-school kids next door and invited two of them to join celebrations.

We found out that one of the girls was unwell, and as she was confined to her room, our words of encouragement made her day and she promised to get well soon.

For a caring person like Jen, being around the girls and their kids was the greatest gift of all

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