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Holiday parties at Masevena & Panadura

For the 3rd consecutive year, Chari, his Siblings, family and friends came forward this year to sponsor the holiday parties held at Ma Sevena and Panadura. I was so glad it was a possibility, as the girls look forward to the parties every year! When October approaches, they keep on reminding me about the holiday parties. We had the Masevena party on the 21st and the Panadura one on the 23rd December 2010.

The older girls in the two orphanages received a matching tailored skirt and t-shirt. All the little girls at the Leela Jayasekera home received a dress; the boys a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. The infants at Masevena were presented with baby suits and baby accessories; while the staff, helpers and teachers received towels, costume jewelry and accessories.

During the parties many games (Musical Chairs, Passing the Hat, Statue & Baila dancing competitions and balloon popping) were played. To wrap up the parties, we had a competition where we chose the best “Dancing Stars,” reality show style, complete with a panel of judges! Many prizes were distributed among almost all the participating girls, such as Edu cologne, shampoo, soap, packs of facial tissue, pencils, pens, sharpeners, erasers, chocolates and candy.

The girls were served lunch, which included Nasigorang rice, fried eggs, roast chicken, salad and chili paste. There was ice cream for dessert, and lots of soft drinks in-between!

The Panadura girls had an extra surprise, as Ms Dilini Warnakulasooriarachchi (volunte er, sponsor and ardent Emerge supporter) sponsored a magic show! At the end of the day, the girls at Panadura presented an amazing talent show for the guests and thanked the sponsors who made this holiday party a possibility. To wrap up the party, chocolate cake with tea was served.

We at Emerge are grateful to the people who make this possible, as it is the most talked about event in these girls’ lives for a long period of time.

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