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In remembrance of Barcelona………

It was only yesterday I had a chat with Alia on SKYPE and I told her that I want to blog about my two orphaned squirrels “Barcelona” (elder of the two) and “Tobias”. It was the habit of their mother to have her babies in our letterbox, two months ago “Barcy” for short and his brother “Tobias” were born, after a month a Cat living in the neighbourhood ate the mother and these tiny ones were left alone to fend for themselves, Nadiya my daughter and I decided we must give them a home.

It was a tedious task feeding them and many a times I had to carry them around to Ma Sevena and the Vocational Training because of their feeding times, the girls used to have such fun with “Barcy” and “Tobias”.

One day Tobias passed away as he was the smaller and the weaker one of the two and it was difficult for him to survive, as they had not opened their eyes, however Barcy was doing fine and so very well until today…….

I gave him his feed last night which was milk and papaya juice with a ¼ drop of vitamins and glucose mixed all together and he had a wonderful feed and when I woke up this morning he had his feed again, I used to love when he played his trick when I scratch his head he used to do something funny with his leg and it was so much of fun. My biggest fear was that if anything happened to Barcey it would break Nadiya’s heart and it was today that it happened….

After feeding him he went to sleep and when Mafaz, Nadiya’s boy friend came home for lunch she wanted me to give Barcey to him to play with and I showed him the trick he plays and it made him laugh too, and then when Nadiya had her bath and came and looked in his cage; that we had got him, an exclusive one, he had passed away…….

Nadiya wailed and cried and though I didn’t show it, there was this big lump in my throat as I was sad because it was I who took all the trouble to look after him for this long and I used to take great care of him and he even slept in his cage near my bed. In fact I had introduced Spaghetti our dog who licked him this morning and not forgetting Fudge my cat who was slowly getting used to him….

It is truly is a sad day for me today as “Barcy” …… my baby pet squirrel passed away……

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