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It Takes Patience and Understanding

By: Sithara Pathirana

Emerge Lanka Foundation Programs Assistant

In one of the shelters we visit, there is one girl who fascinates me. I take a lot of trouble to teach her, as she is unable to concentrate. She loves to make jewelry, but lacks the patience to sit down and make a piece of jewelry. She takes at least 2 weeks to make one item.

My goal was to somehow help her to make one necklace within the course of one day. I encouraged her very much, spoke to her with a lot of patience and understanding, and made her sit beside me. I got her to count the number of seed beads (the tiniest of beads) each time she had to put them on the necklace wire to make this beautiful necklace.

Though her brain is not developed like the other girls in the shelter, she can mix the colors of the beads very well. It gave me great satisfaction, not only to see the beautiful necklace, but also to see how happy she was completing it. This made my day.

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