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Kulturasia DBA Bead Express Donates $3500 of Beads to Emerge Global

I always look forward to coming home for the holidays- not only because I get to see my friends and family, but because I get to visit some long-time Emerge Global supporters who run a bead company here in Asheville, NC. Kulturasia DBA Bead Express isn’t your traditional bead store- it’s are a store on wheels, peddling its beautiful jewels across the country. Will and Hae, who run the company, live in my hometown and their basement stores their incredible inventory. Having loved beads since I was seven years old, seeing the shelves and shelves of sparkling beads makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. I wish I could bring the girls to see the way they manage their inventory!

For the third year in a row, Kulturasia DBA Bead Express helped us sustain our Bead Program by making an extremely generous in-kind contribution to our work. In fact, they were so generous that I’ve been carrying more than 200 pounds of shiny and colorful beads (that’s right — 200+ pounds) in the back of my mom’s car for the past two weeks, waiting to ship them off to Sri Lanka. These beads, bundled in five large boxes, take up the entire back seat!

(Thanks mom, for your patience).I spent much of today cataloging and sorting the donated beads, dividing them into spring and fall colors for 2010 and separating out the new styles that the girls haven’t worked with before (they are going to LOVE having some of the new material to work with). We have some beautiful new types of beads so get ready for some new products coming this spring! Stay posted for some blog updates on new product design soon. In the meantime, a big thank you to Hae and Will Saxon for supporting Emerge Global through their bead business for their third year in a row!

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