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Lessons Learned After 3 Years With Emerg

By: Sithara Pathirana

Emerge Lanka Foundation Programs Assistant

An unexpected event changed my life one day. My fate was changed in a way that I never thought it would. It left me at my lowest, heartbroken and lonely. At that time, when I was without any help, feeling sad, it was the beading workshop that helped ease my pain and loneliness. It helped me make up my mind and console myself. The satisfaction I feel in combining beautiful colors, designing and then completing a beautiful necklace or bracelet is hard to describe in words. These workshops have helped me succeed in life and face life as a successful human being to this day. I thank the people who helped me and guided me through this difficult time. Now, as my career, I have dedicated myself to teach girls that have faced the same challenges as me. I do it with immense happiness. I believe I can empathize with our girls and be a friend to them. I have had many diverse experiences ever since the beginning of this program. From the savings generated from this program, girls have been able to build their own houses and care for their child. I am happy to witness these events. Its good to be part of something that is so helpful to another person. All this is possible because of Emerge. I feel that people who were from, Emerge as well as those who partnered with us from the start were able to understand the feelings of the children they work with. I believe they have shown immense dedication towards these children. To this day, 3 years of my life have been spent with Emerge. I feel it is a great achievement to have been able to work with Emerge for 3 years. When I first participated in the bead workshop, I was pregnant. It was a great strength to me. I am pregnant again and this time I’m teaching others to make beautiful necklaces. I know Emerge is with me this time as well. I have been able to achieve many things in life thanks to Emerge. The love I receive from all at Emerge will always stay with me, in my heart. I’ve had many memories here, that I will cherish for life. I wish Emerge all the best in its journey from then to now and into the future, in helping many helpless girls to overcome the terrible hardships they have faced.

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