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Looking Forward

As of this May, I was only just beginning to learn about Emerge. Now, it’s September and I’m completely immersed in all things Emerge related.

The last two months have been absolutely frenetic. Emerge Lanka has become an official entity. We’ve identified and started to narrow down a list of potential expansion sites. One fantastic short term volunteer has come and gone while Jennifer, Prabhani, and I have arrived and taken over.

Meanwhile, I’ve begun to get to know and love the girls at the home. I’ve held babies, been teased about my terrible Tamil, and learned how to make a long necklace. My time in the home has been filled with dancing, laughter, practical jokes, lessons in Tamil/English/Sinhala, the occasional tears, and (more than anything else) a sense of pride in all that the girls have accomplished.

Each day is filled with new adventures and challenges. I’m so delighted to be here, in Colombo, working with all of our Emergenistas. I can’t wait to find out what the year holds in store for Emerge Lanka. I look forward to sharing my experiences here with you.

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