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Madhu’s Going to Have a Baby!

By Nirukshi de Lanerolle Programme Coordinator

Overjoyed by the good news… Madu is going to have a baby!

It was only last year during this time that we were all excited getting ready to go for Madhu’s wedding; the first wedding Emerge staff was attending of a past participant. We were so happy!

Today she visited us at the shelter and informed us that she was going to have a baby. We were so happy and excited to hear the good news!

Madu and her husband live with his parents 40 km away from Colombo. She was working in a garment factory and due to her pregnancy she had to give up work. With his savings, her husband bought a three-wheeler (what we call a “tuk”) and is now taking hires to support his wife. With this new job, he feels like he will be around in case there is an emergency with his tuk, and will be able to be there for the new arrival.

With the money Madu earned from Emerge, she was going to open a fixed deposit account, with half of the money for her baby. With the balance, she hopes to buy the baby layette and refurbish her room for the new arrival.

I was so glad to hear that she had made plans for the money she earned with Emerge, and that is was to be used so wisely. And so pleased to hear how she used the lessons we taught her during the time she was with us in the shelter!

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