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Meet Your Doctor

By: Iroshini Kalpage

Program Development Officer

Emerge Lanka Foundation

Last week we started our lesson on Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI). In that lesson, the girls have to do a TV show in which they have to explain 1 infection. There was a doctor, TV presenter, and outside callers. Some groups had a camera man (photo of 1 “camera man” below), also. It was so cool because the girls loved to be presenters. Sometimes when other groups call the doctor to ask a question as outside callers, the presenter gave the answers.

I remember when I first started to teach about STIs, and how girls got shy. The good thing is now I know how to attack their shyness. The girls were really smart now. When I was schooling, I didn’t have a class or lesson like this. However, I also had the curiosity to know all these things. When some girls ask me questions I see myself in her. I am really happy to answer their questions. They really need to know about it.

The girls go out into society with knowledge, even though they’re not going to school, at least they are smart enough to prevent from themselves from getting in danger. All the newly-joined girls also really wanted to know more things which they don’t know. How wonderful it is that they want to know! As an instructor, that’s what I want and that’s what we (society) need.

With Emerge, I am changing society. As I get older, I can see the changes in our future generation. The results will be released in the near future, until then I will be waiting.

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