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Music Inc. Partners With Emerge for the Holidays…

By Nirukshi de Lanerolle

Programme Coordinator

I was overjoyed when Amanda mentioned that Music Inc., a few young Christian youth who have a formed a group to raise funds,  was going to give the girls of Emerge a Christmas party.

Mayanthi, who has been an ardent supporter and friend of Emerge whom I have known from the time she was a little girl, is the leader of the group. I called her the next day and we started planning for the party to be held on the 17th December.While Mayanthi and Shannon were in the process of planning their concert, I had the girls give us a list of things they would like to have for Christmas, as the concert was named the final wish list.

The girls gave me 5 things they would love best for Christmas, most of them wanted denim pants, a T-shirt, and a UD necklace. I wondered what they meant when they mentioned a UD necklace, it was this long chunky, silver necklace that had the sign of adidas, Nike, etc.

One day, a few of the young people from Music Inc. visited the shelter and spoke to the girls. I gave them the lists the girls had made;  they promised that all the lists would be of no issue for them to purchase and fulfil the girls’ desires. I was overjoyed.

The concert was held on the 12th and 13th December, Emerge had a stall at the event and many people who were touched by the story purchased products the girls had made.

On the 17th December, there was a carnival atmosphere at the shelter, balloons, candy floss, cup cakes, clowns, Santa, music, dancing, games were in full swing though a slight drizzle from the rains tried to spoil the atmosphere. With the wonderful decorations, the clowns, the balloons, the games, and the dancing, the girls enjoyed themselves. The girls performed a few dance and song items, while Music Inc. performed a few items from the show.

Gifts were distributed and the grand finale was the song Music Inc. had made for the girls of Emerge. It was such a beautiful and touching song about how this little girl is encouraged to stand up for her rights. Finally, the thank you cards the girls had made were distributed among all the cast of Music Inc. and thank you speeches were given by the girls.

The girls in the shelter were overjoyed with the gifts received from their wish list , and we thank Music Inc. for making this day a beautiful memory for the girls of Emerge.

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