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Negative :)

By: Iroshini Kalpage

Program Development Officer

Emerge Lanka Foundation

Early last Sunday morning, I got a call from Chilaw from an unknown number. When I answered it, I recognized it was one of our participants from the Panadura shelter. She said she wanted to tell me a nice story. She had recently gone back to her home. When she got home, her mother, aunt, and grandmother were having some sort of big problem. Nobody would tell her anything, but everybody was whispering. Our girl got very upset thinking it was either about or against her.

Finally, she decided to ask her mother. Her mother told her that it was an adult problem and that she should worry about it. She was happy that it was not about her, but she was still so curious to know what it was! She then went to her aunt and asked what the problem was. Her aunt is a nice lady and is planning to go abroad next month. She asked her aunt, “What is the problem?” The problem is that her aunt is not sure if she is pregnant or not. She is scared to go to the hospital and check. This is the time our girl became a hero… We will say our girl’s name is “Sonali.” I will tell the way she explained the story to me:

“I couldn’t stop laughing. My aunt was surprised and said, “No, it’s not as funny as you think. I have to go to the hospital and I really don’t like to do this at the village hospital. Since this is a small village, everyone will know what happened. It’s especially bad for this to happen right before I go abroad. My mother came to the room and asked, “What is the reason for the laughing?” I explained to my mother and aunt that I learned at the shelter about “Reproductive Health“ and that I know how to give my aunt better solution.

They were both surprised and asked me about the solution. So, I told them about a “pregnancy test,” which they can buy from the pharmacy and them explained to them how to use it. I also told them how accurate it is. But, my mother and aunt weren’t too sure about it at first. At that time, to make them sure, I told them that I will give a call to the teacher who taught me about it, so they could both hear it.’

She had indeed called me early in the morning while I was sleeping.

After that, the mother, aunt and, grandmother were so happy that this girl knows things which she can use practically. They really didn’t know much about new technology/things.They especially didn’t know anything about reproductive health! The aunt was very happy and said that the pregnancy test is very easy to use, accurate, and is only Rs. 35/-. She told Sonali how stressed she was and how much better she felt now. I am very happy for Sonali, as she has used her knowledge. She remembers what we taught her. I see that we are changing the generation; they are smart enough to learn if we teach them. This day was a happy day for Sonali and that’s why she was calling me that early in the morning. I feel very happy, too.

And do you want to know what the result of the test was? Please see the subject of this blog.

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