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One of My Victorious Days

Iroshini Kalpage

ELF Program

Development Officer

Last week,  the Emerge team went to see one of our past participants, who is working in a garment factory. She was one of my best girls, and is like a sister or a daughter to me. She was at all three shelters (that we work in) in the past few years. She was a bit naughty in those days, but she listened to me. Whenever, I taught lessons she would give fun answers, sometimes, disturbing but, I was always listening.

After she went to the garment factory, she called me several times. Once when she called me and said,  “Iro akke, I wanna tell you something but I feel very shy to tell it.” I said, “Don’t be shy, why, do you have boyfriend?” She was surprised, she said, “How did you know? Yes, there is a guy who likes me. I also like him a little.”  I said, “Good, but be careful. Don’t tell that him that you don’t have anyone. You tell him that we are here for you, and that we would like to meet him.” She said ok.

Recently, when we went to meet her, I asked her, how is her boyfriend? And, she said, “Iro akke, I don’t like him.” I asked why, and she said, “Iro akke, he always asking me to go somewhere with him. But, I remember that you taught us about relationships. The good things and bad things. After I said no several times, he didn’t speak to me. I am not sad, as I thought he is not the person I want.”

At that moment, I didn’t show my happiness. I am happy because she is wisely making decisions. Nobody is helping her. By herself, she is making wise decisions for her life. I said, “Good, I’m very happy that you remember everything. We’ll see. You have time… you are still yong and strong. You will have a bright future.”

Actually, a lot of garment factory girls will start relationships and face troubles because they won’t make wise decisions because they don’t know. I’m proud of my girl, because I know she will win her world one day. This is one of my victorious days!

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