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Our new Programs Development Officer: Iroshini Kalpage

Iroshini Kalpage (“Iro”) grew up in Nuwara Eliya, part of Sri Lanka’s beautiful hill country. As a student, she won many medals through her work with the debate team, speech competitions, and athletic games. Ever since she was young, she wanted to become a person who could help society.

She has been involved with many activities and workshops regarding women and child’s rights, rights of children in residential care, gender based violence, ethnicity, religion, gender, cast, good governance, conflict resolution and capacity building. She has produced several peace documentaries with a focus on women and children rights. In addition, she has published various peace articles for newspapers. Her desire to support others, especially to women and children, runs very deep and says she is very happy to be part of Emerge team because she can continue to develop its important work.

Iro is also a nature and animal lover and enjoys spending vacations in cool mountain areas. She is very interested in protecting of the environment: “Trees are breathing like people… they can feel us, we have to support each other. We should not only help people but also help the other living things on the earth too” she says.

She will be finishing her Social Science degree in upcoming years.

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