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Overjoyed to meet Shasha and Shenu

Overjoyed to meet Shasha and Shenu By: Nirukshi deLanerolle Emerge Lanka Foundation Program Coordinator Shasha and Shenu have always been in my thoughts even though they left the shelter at Panadura. (The girls at Panadura come into the home for counseling for 6 months but most often they stay at the shelter for 9 months or even a year) I always wondered what shelters they were transferred to and have made inquiries about them but to no avail, these two girls had a very special place in my heart.

When I visited Ranmuthugala 3 weeks ago I was over joyed to meet Shasha and Shenu. Shasha is the quieter one she took longer to come and talk to me but Shenu came running up to me and embraced me. We held on to each other for sometime and there were tears of joy in my eyes because I finally found her.

Shasha and Shenu were slow learners and they struggled to make jewelry when they were in the Panadura shelter, our peer educators took much care and trouble to give them special attention and I am proud to mention that Shasha had made jewelry worth $250 (USD) while Shenu had made $150 (USD) which is now in their savings books.

I was glad I could take them back to the class at Ranmuthugala so that they could make further jewelry and save for the future outside the home, which is ultimately the goal of Emerge.

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