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Partnering with Colombo Jewellery Stores

Colombo Jewellery Stores (CJS) established a partnership with Emerge Lanka Foundation, on Women’s Day of 2021. Their main focus was to support and strengthen the Beads-to-Business (B2B) program conducted at shelters to support survivors of child sexual abuse below the age of 18. This program uses jewelry creation as a model to teach entrepreneurship through a creative and safe outlet. Each piece handcrafted by a survivor through the Emerge program generates a savings for herself; and she will later gain access to once she exits the institutionalized care system at 18 years old. B2B aims to equip program participants with not just knowledge and technical skill, but also with financial independence that will contribute towards her reaching her own form of success.

CJS ran a carefully curated campaign on their social media platforms that spoke about this program, and the transformative impact that it has on program participants.

Emerge is honored to be in partnership with a front-runner in it's field like CJS.

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