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Post From a Past-Program Particpant

SR is a past bead program participant who now assists at our workshops in Panadura. What follows is her first blog post about her experiences at the Panadura bead workshop:

I am an Emerge past bead program participant who has followed the program for the past 2 years since I left the shelter few months ago I have the privilege of teaching some of the girls who are following the bead program in the shelter in Panadura. This has been an awesome experience for me.

I would like to mention that during my work I noticed one participant VIRC who joined the program about 3 months ago. Her home town is in the north of Sri Lanka and she seemed a very innocent girl. She had a communication problem and she was ridiculed and disliked by the others. Due to this she quickly transformed in to an angry child.

Soon, she learned the art of beading and she began to change, she even started conversing in Sinhala, this was due to the Emerge beading programme and the staff who are behind it and not forgetting the compassion and love Nirukshi Miss had towards VIRC.

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