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Reintegration Centre houses Alumni who needed support in the wake of COVID-19

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Emerge opened its doors for many of our alumni, who needed support during the pandemic, and DMRD was one such young lady. She did not have a place to stay or employment that she could pursue at the time, and the pandemic did not make it any easier for her to find employment that suited her. In order to help her, one of our house mothers took it upon herself to come back to the Centre and provide care and security to DMRD, even through the Centre was officially closed after the pandemic. During her stay at the Centre, DMRD met her partner, whom she got married to and started her family life. DMRD reunited with her family as well during this process, and had a beautiful and simple wedding at her hometown. She currently looks forward to finding a job, and we dearly hope that she will be able to find happiness and accomplish all of her dreams that she has for her future.

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